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Heating & Cooling

Heating systems can actually be quite complex and the many different variants...

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Ductless Split

A “Split System” is a heating and air conditioning system, which has two main components...

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Tankless/Water Heater

While the common image of a broken water heater is the infamous cold shower, it can also affect heating...

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Versatile in appearance and installation, our gas fireplaces meet all your heating and design desires...

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Air Quality

The first step for any residential Niagara Region air quality project is for one of our professional...

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Providing HVAC Comfort in the Niagara Region

You usually only notice your hvac system when it breaks down, but you can trust Canadian Elements Heating & Cooling to get it up and running quickly and quietly in the background. As licensed and specialized Canadian Elements Heating & Cooling, we can solve any heating, air conditioning, or ventilation issue.

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